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Close share panel Media captionThe second victim is thought to have been holding a party to celebrate the life of his friend Two men believed to be friends have been stabbed to death in the same part of Nottingham less than 24 hours apart. The second victim was holding a party celebrating the life of his friend when he was stabbed, the BBC has been told. The first man, 27-year-old Martin Maughan, was found in West Walk, Sneinton, just after 06:00 GMT on Saturday. The second, aged 38, was found with stab wounds to his chest in Mill View Close, Sneinton, at 04:20 on Sunday. At the scene: Quentin Rayner, chief news reporter, BBC East Midlands Today Image caption Flowers have been left at the scene of where the first man was stabbed It's understood the two victims were friends. The 38-year-old man who was stabbed early this morning was holding a party to celebrate the life of the 27-year-old man who was stabbed 24 hours earlier in Sneinton. Neighbours have told us someone at the party stole the host's phone and he gave chase and was stabbed, it's believed three times. He was described as lovely, friendly and kind. Nottinghamshire Police said two murder inquiries had been launched and have appealed for information. Two men, aged 19 and 43, have been arrested over the first stabbing and are being questioned by detectives.

Q: Can you explain the unique title of this book? Renee: What I truly wanted is for femininity to be a declarative sentence of pride instead of an explanation of why can or cannot do or be something. It isnt an excuse its a strong statement. I hope each of us find the confidence to look anyone who questions the premise, we confidently look them in the eye and say, because Im a girlTHATS WHY! Q: Tell me about the process of submissions for this project. Renee: We actually opened the first call for submissions across the country in the fall of 2013. In that call, I was surprised to find a majority of the work to be very heavy and sad. I knew at that point, this project was more important than I realized. These young women were working through so many difficult bumps in their journey I knew their stories would help others. After much thought, I reopened the submission process specifically calling out topic areas that could balance the incredible work already submitted, and after making final selections, I am proud of all of the contributors for sharing so much of themselves with the world. Q: How would you describe the goal and purpose of Im A Girl Renee: I feel that society tends to take a black and white perspective on femininity; either fight like a girl or question who are you to think you can grow up to be President? But there is so much in betweenso many perspectives, opportunities, advancements, and challenges for women. My goal is that in the midst of it all, that we stop and take a moment to honor our uniqueness and differences, as thats what makes us, us. Q: Why do you think it is so different for Girls? Renee: Girls are different! It is that simple. And as you grow into who you were created to be, if you are a little bit like me, you will find that women are different than men. We navigate the world differently, we think differently and we act differently. And that is ok. Actually that is good. We have a need to question, a need to understand whats going on around us, and many times, internalize actions or dialogues. Q: I understand that a portion of the proceeds from sales of Im a Girl are being donated across the country can you tell me more about that? Renee: I am a believer in giving back to the community in many ways and are excited to be working with groups who would like to partner with us to use this project as a vehicle for bringing dollars to organizations who amplify the voice of Girls in their community. Q: Can you tell me more about the Ultimate Pajama Party?

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I experienced an orange wedding hat from BHS in the 70s, for the wedding of my close friends David and Susan.Ready-made nightwear became obtainable in the mid-nineteenth century, but not really until past due in that century do nightgowns become even more complex. One issue I discovered is once your shape after a few a few months can be the way you wish it besides wearing a corset you generally end up being in some kind of decent basis wear. Pocket fans will smile at our selection of womens pajama bottoms designed with slanted and patch storage compartments. Sensuous nighties has always been counted among mood setters for a night of love. From my stage of view, I can't see how one can not appreciate males willing to use womens clothing. Therefore, on that rating, one might inquire if the McCann children appear to spend the largest part of their day in night attire, that there actually an actual picture of them at bed-story period in the pyjamas! Im an incredibly lucky guy that discovered a extremely supportive spouse,and have got been wearing lingerie 24/7 for the last 21 years,one particular of our preferred points to perform is definitely going bustiers buying,she by no means goes without fresh lingerie possibly!Trust can be essential for a strong relationship, and if you and your partner cannot trust each other, this could ruin your relationship.